Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life and upcoming events.

I just wanted to give an update to whats going to be happening with me and the family over the next few weeks.
First off, my wonderful wife, Sarah (@crazymommyofsix) is very pregnant.  She is due at any time now, and we are expecting #6 to be showing up within the next week.  When this happens my android time is going to come pretty close to a halt.  I have to take care of the family and the new baby, along with helping the wife recover, and keeping the rest of the kids under control.  I will still see what I can do when I might find a moment or 2, but nothing like my current rate.
Now shortly after this all occurs and the wife gets recovered, I will be getting transferred from our current area to New England.  Along with this transfer I will be attending several Navy related schools/trainings which will have me traveling a great deal.
Now along with those 2 items, I will be having to spend some time trying to get some extra money saved up for the whole family moving, new house, taking care of our current house, so on and so forth.  This again is going to take up some time.  So what I am saying, its that as much as I love working on android platform, for the next few weeks, (maybe months) I will be more focused on the family and getting our lives moved from one place to another.  Am I disappearing to never be heard of again? NO.  Is the CM7 for mecha going to fall off and disappear?  Well I sure hope not LOL.  I have enlisted the help of cvpcs to hopefully help continue on with getting mecha fully into the CM Mainline tree.
So in all I hope to continue getting little things taken care of, and hope that I will be getting help from cvpcs, toastcfh, and the rest of the CM team.

Now, to sum up the current status of the Mecha:
The device is working well and can be used as a daily driver.  The only thing that is not completely working is the Camcorder Audio, which can be hacked to work.
Items that are flaky but getting better:
3g/4g/wifi data handoffs.
Call audio loudness (for some)
LTE signal bars.

I am sure there are a few other bugs, but these are the main ones that seem to stand out. (to me)

So there it is, whats coming, and going, and the current status.

Now a few other notes of interest.

-I will not be updating the build to work with the new radios until the radios are made official.  I will not force someone to load a leaked radio in order to run CM7.

- The device repo is on the cyanogenmod github, and the kernel source is on my github.  Find some small bugs that you want to help fix?  Glad to hear it, dive in.

- Libaudio is currently a prebuilt lib.  Its the lib from the vision.  Kali- ( has a working source tree for building libaudio from source.  Look there for ideas on how to fix the camcorder audio issue.  Btw the vivo device has the same issue.

I also wanted to extend a huge thank you for those of you who have donated.  No matter how little it was I assure you it helped my family out.


So here we are.  I decided a few days ago that I needed a better place to throw out thoughts, concerns and updates.  The 140 char limit of Twitter just isn't cutting it.